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Visitor Code of Conduct

At Community Health Services, we strive to provide a safe and caring environment for staff, visitors, patients and their families.  We ask and expect that visitors, patients and accompanying family members will help us with this by treating staff and other visitors with courtesy and respect and by refraining from behaviors that are disruptive or pose a threat to the rights or safety of other patients and staff.

The following conduct is prohibited at CHS:


  • Possession of firearms or weapons of any kind

  • Physical violence of any kind

  • The use of profanity or abusive language

  • Making threats to harm another individual or destroy property

  • Intentionally damaging equipment or property

  • Making offensive comments related to an individual’s race, ethnicity, color, gender, sexuality, age, medical condition or other personal characteristic


If you witness or are subjected to one of these behaviors, please report it to Security or another staff member.  Individuals who violate this Code of Conduct are subject to removal from CHS, discharge from care and/or exclusion from CHS premises in the future. 

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