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Employees Speak Out!


What are our employees, service providers and professionals saying about working at CHS? Just take a look below:

Davewin Friday

Medical Records

Medical Records Clerk

"I have been working at CHS for at least 10 years now! It is a pleasure working with friendly co-workers every day. I love my department because its the best! Everyone is dependable and we all work so well together!"

William Floyd


Security Manager

"The reason I come to work every day is Dr. Daniels. He had a vision of healthcare for the neighborhood for people who could not afford healthcare, so he never turned a patient away! Some people think that if you have money, then you are set. But at the same time, if you don't have money then you are overlooked! For as long as CHS keeps me here, I will make sure Dr. Daniel's vision stays alive in my mind and the minds of patients who comes through our doors!"

Pat Miles


Community Outreach Coordinator

"I’ve worked at Community Health Services, for over 14 years! One of the reasons why I enjoy working here is that it allows me to work with my community. At CHS many of us wear different hats and one of my hats is working at the various community health fairs. These opportunities allowed me to grow as a person while building positive and lasting relationships with many different individuals. I believe in Community Health Services’ mission and look forward to us continuing to be a trailblazer in the field."

Shawn Bip


Practice Manager

"I enjoy working for CHS because we have a diverse team of great dedicated staff striving towards one goal in providing optimal health care for the patients in our community. We offer many affordable health services, in one location, to make it convenient for the patients to choose from. Uninsured patients may apply for a discounted program based on their family size and income so it wouldn’t be a barrier and allow access to care. CHS, as an organization, does whatever it takes to meet the needs of the community."

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